Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 Episode 11 Subbed

Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 Episode 11 Subbed

=======>Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 Episode 11 Subbed is Online<=======

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About Episode :
Episode no. – Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 Episode 11 Subbed
Episode Title – “Der Weiße Ritter der Tafel”
Subtitles : English (US)
Summary – Der Weiße Ritter der Tafel

  • murad

    First bitches

  • SeriousLee

    Damn cliffhanger.

  • Georen Chavez

    WOOOAAAHHHH!!!!!!! This episode literally blew my mind! And yet another cliff hanger, i lost track on how many cliff hangers they do. And yet i need to wait another week for this intense episode. Daaaaaammmnnnnn……………..

    • Lol Haha Dead

      the anime will end by next episode and goal achieved..hope you enjoyed read the manga so know’s end of line for Soma 🙂

      • NotAFantard

        Srsly? I thought they’d do 24 episodes for the 3rd season as announced last October

      • ShadowBlazer555

        No most probably they r doing 24 episodes and nakiri will get to know the thing so don’t worry

      • North hype

        Stop bloody ruining the experience for other! Nobody like spoilers!

  • maki midnight

    just been wondering..why yukihira is the only one who is not wearing the same uniform as the others?! 😛

    • Green TEA

      He da boss thats why

      • maki midnight

        hahaha XD

    • Chandler

      It’s kinda his way to show his loyalty to his diner as that is his cooking ‘uniform’.

      • maki midnight

        oh ok ok!! thanks! 😀
        quite surprised that he is allowed to wear a different dress at school! XD XP

        • NyanPaws

          hes not the only one,takumi and isami are also wearing their family diner uniforms

    • Peanut Squid

      Literally me every episode hahah .-.

    • TheGeekyStuff

      Captain here. Because Soma is a transfer student *flies away*

  • Lemz Hayazaki

    Damn looks likew e won’t be seeing jouchirou this season

    • Green TEA

      They fking removed a part of the manga…

    • Swrightchoi

      i mean theres 24 episodes scheduled so hang on

  • maki midnight
  • Quyên Trần

    Why did they add Megumi in this scene? She wasn’t there in these chapters. It’s not a spoiler btw.

  • Moo Neer

    Damn megumi always there. In manga only hisako and erina know about this match. Only one thing i love in this episode is erina and hisako in their underwear. Suddenly my finger press the print screen.

  • Pokemon Lover

    6days 20 hours *takes coffee out* let’s do dis

  • Huilik Tong

    i cant watch

    • Charlotte Roldan

      Same.. But i wont give up! Haha

  • Huilik Tong


  • Charles Christian Chan

    Omygod !!!. I really Love this ANIME !!!. And There he goes fighting against the First Seat !!!. <3 This is o Damn !!! Interesting !!! I will let the next episode sip out !!

  • Charlotte Roldan

    Am i the only one who cant wait for the next episode? That cant be, its a really good anime!!

  • Benjie Tabang

    Why i cant watch the episode😭😭😭

  • Shayaan Khusro

    Did they just use a flashback within a flashback? I thought only Naruto did that. Damn what a cliffhangar, I should start reading the manga.

  • oCryptix

    Soundtrack on point

  • anton

    Yeaaaah no. Hes gonna lose

  • ʚïɞ Erika Dedumo ʚïɞ

    I can’t remember Megumi in this scene in the Manga 😂