Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 Episode 12 Subbed

Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 Episode 12 Subbed

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About Episode :
Episode no. – Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 Episode 12 Subbed
Episode Title – “The One Who Aims for the Summit”
Subtitles : English (US)
Summary – The One Who Aims for the Summit

  • Ribs

    will this be the last episode of the season?

    • Kurama

      yes and next season will air in april 2018

      • Theophilos Papadopoulos

        But this season is said to be 24 episodes long

        • Riva Utama

          who said that?

          • Arnav Saxena

            Official news
            Google it

          • Theophilos Papadopoulos

            a lot of sites just google it

      • Flames525

        The season hasn’t ended there going away for holidays and so anime doesn’t catch up to manga

  • Xcallibur

    Hrmm.. This season episodes are so bland.. No taste.. Nothing made me feel like, i wanna watch that episodes again… 😥😥

    • Moo Neer

      Agree. So far, season 1 is the best. I watched all of episode so many time. Season 2 still ok but this season kinda lacking impact.

    • Lol Haha Dead

      read the manga its way better

  • The Worst One

    Now im dying for the new season.

  • Ian

    this episode was FACKN GREAT

  • Anthonyhenchman Sowerbuttshenc

    pls no dont end pls im begging u WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tejablaze

    No offense but I feel like S3, like they were in a rush to complete it

  • Aan

    Waiting the next season till next year? Omg how could you do that…

    Hah… It must be toke a long time

  • Heathcliff

    well done I am very well aware some ppl may call this bland but it had quiet a few surprises I have see a great deal of anime dating back to 1960s to present in all fields this is one of the best anime iv seen in a long time im well aware the good things come to those whom wait and I feel that this may bee a prime example siaba soma hehe it has a ring to it lol and I look forwed to seeing what you mean by the fall of siaba sama so keep up the good work and see how you can refine the anime the elite council has 10 seats so I have an idea to match that get it in the top 10 and try to get it up as soma gets higher in the elite council just a loaded suggestion 😉

  • Chandler

    Wait so season 3 is only 12 episodes long? Well that saddens me, now I’ll be out of things to watch until next year T^T

  • Emil Black Andersson

    What a great season. This episode got me thinking that Azami might try to get Erina and Soma together since he looked up to his dad – since he himself got married into the Nakiri family that is. I also wonder what will happen between Erina and Soma in the next season. He’s no longer a street kid, but the son of her most revered chef in the world.
    See you in April.

  • Peanut Squid

    OMG!!! the hype… se you all in april 2018! :3

    • Fly Manoj Katuwal

      damn can’t wait to see yukihira dad and erina reaction . i m hyped now.

  • Nur Hayati

    Hello em help the episode

  • Hyue Kimomo

    the connection was reset?!!! wtf…. i hope there is someone who can send me link so i can watch the last episode pelase

    • Kurama


  • Wieeeeeee

    What chapter is this in the manga?

  • SW_Demon

    I’m looking at all the comments and it is really amazing that nobody that commented “OMG only 12 eps” didn’t see the counter for episode 13 and that someone said that this season was going to be 24 eps long which was false news released by some Chinese site I cant remember which one. This season was originally only 12 but they extended to 13 and they barely strayed from the manga. Also this season is really just a setup for the next set of episodes which I believe might take 24 – 25 eps to get through the arc, but I’m looking forward to it.

    • Green TEA

      I believe they missed out a scene where Azami dropped by the dorm. (Where erina discover…) I was waiting for this all season but nope…

  • Charlotte Roldan

    YAAAAAS! finally, she heard it 😁😀 thats right! soma is joichiros son

    • Charlotte Roldan

      cant wait for the next season! 😃😄

  • Rahul Atwd

    Was waiting for this azami and souma clash moment for so long when the bell of polar star dorm rang i was like “finally”

  • _Incheon_gal^

    Wtf 3rd season?!!?!?! Are you kidding!!!!! Only 12 episodes 😪thoo

  • Jiraiya Hatake

    Fuck dam ! that was epic man ,that was hilarious , i was waiting for this scene , when Erina would know About yukihira father finally , this scene was So Well written i cant express , it came out of no where ,
    I almost broke my lap cause of excitement best anime ever
    Cant wait for the next episode ❤️😩

  • NotAFantard


    • Ethan Yabes


      • Indonesiaball

        aww ethan i haven’t even finished the episode 🙁 you ruined the episode for me

  • ʚïɞ Erika Dedumo ʚïɞ

    Already read the manga and can’t wait to watch the anime. Prepare for extreme shokugeki guys! I can assure you the next shokugekis are more intense! #TeamRebels

  • sitie noriza

    it’s already finish for season 3?? only 12 episode??
    Oh no..can I wait for that long..will be missing SOMA 🙁

  • Mehh Pachuau

    hype hype hype even though i read the manga hype is still real

  • Shamone Anderson


  • Calamity777

    To be continued. Till next year. Merry Christmas Eve to everyone XD

  • Kari

    read the manga to relieve yourself of the stress from this cliffhanger!!

  • North hype

    The I hate Tadokoro so much song
    Written by North Hype⭐️

    Ta do Ko Ro , SUCKS SO MUCH! 🎶
    I hate her existence and I hate her Frigging Gut!😷
    She such a simpleton and Is so annoying!👏🏾
    No one can change my mind, so shut the fk up😌
    If u got a problem, come fight me biyatch🤦🏽‍♀️
    It’s my opinion and I like to share it!
    She was alright at first but now she makes me sic😫
    She will never get soma, she don’t deserve him.
    The only person worthy, is Nakiri or nikumi, since they ain’t bloody annoying👋
    So say good bye to ever working at his side, and if anyone disagrees.
    Does it even look like I’ll care, nope⭐️
    Don’t test me, don’t hate me. It’s just my input.
    I’ll never change my mind so so just shut the hell up.🗣
    She is all pretty but can’t ever beat soma, can’t even beat Nakiri🤚🏽
    So sit the hell down👇🏾

    Don’t report) it’s a beautiful song

  • Kahanaa

    please tell me!! Is the next episode on manga!!? And if it is, what chapter is it??? I’m not really familiar with manga. And I also really want to see erima-sama’s reaction to this!!?!