Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 Episode 5 Subbed

Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 Episode 5 Subbed

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About Episode :
Episode no. – Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 Episode 4 Subbed
Episode Title – “The Darkening Dinner Table”
Subtitles : English (US)
Summary – The final day of the Moon Festival is here. Soma and Kuga’s battle finally draws to a close–who will emerge the victor? After closing up shop in the Central Area, Soma and Megumi accept Rindo’s invitation to go to Tsukasa Eishi’s booth in the Yamanote Area! What kind of food will be served by first seat?

  • TheNexusLt

    I wish soma just went up to nakiri’s father and said shokugeki

    • Green TEA

      He will be buttfuk no question lol

      • Aaron Vincent Frencillo


    • Alex

      i dont, he already has 0 chance against first seat, and that guy is much stronger, you are fooled

      • Justinas Tam

        lol man.. ofc he knows that, its just for the impact..jeeezzz….. tho i just wanted him to hug nakiri and say that everything will be ok 😀

        • Aaron Vincent Frencillo


        • Calamity777

          thats cringe my nigga

        • Alex

          that mightve been nice, but still wouldve been out of character for soma

  • Mason Nguyen

    LOL four second later school shoot out

  • Calamity777

    Damn…the anime version of that concluding scene makes the atmosphere way deeper than the manga.

  • Mehh Pachuau

    even thought i read the manga the shivers are still real in this one

  • why does kaneki ken keep showing up, he’s not a chef.

  • Manny Babiv

    and the harem keeps growing meet girl is best gril

  • Silverlotus

    No way. I don’t want that guy to be the head. He looks like a grim reaper and has a horrid personality so I’m pretty sure he will bring the death of Totsuki.

  • maki midnight
  • Keizelle Del Pilar

    tho, Nakiri’s Father is scary….

  • Mcool138

    I hate how much this anime has insanely weakened Soma. In the first season the dude couldn’t be fucked with. Now he’ not even able to go toe to toe with the elite 10…