Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 Episode 8 Subbed

Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 Episode 8 Subbed

=======>Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 Episode 8 Subbed is Online<=======

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About Episode :
Episode no. – Shokugeki no Soma Season 3 Episode 8 Subbed
Episode Title – “The Alchemist”
Subtitles : English (US)
Summary – The Alchemist

  • Lord of all

    So…i m here and wait for the next episode…6 days and 19 hours, bring the coffee 😂

    • Qamar Stationwala

      3 days 6 hrs left… run out of coffee yet?

      • Lord of all

        Mmm…neah, i have big stock, for 😎 each week

      • Ricardo Obenza

        run out of cofee yet 1:20:49:11

  • Lawless Avenue
    • khastox

      this shit wack, fuck outta here

  • Paul Ivan Gurango

    Gin saved Soma’s ass

  • Shana Sakuraba

    Just wait 1 day 12 hours

  • Muhdsyahir Saodi

    I will wait

  • natsudragneel


  • moGobs

    IT’S ALMOST HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yusha no azizu

    i think this episode so fast………….can’t wait until next episode

  • ng bing keat


  • sai sagar

    Eizan got his ass kicked !!!!!
    An intense episode as usual.
    Sugoiii !!!

  • Taufiq Rahadi

    omg why it takes 6 day to the new episode..

  • peter

    lol Eizans face…. FUUUUUU

    • Elisa B.

      omg yesss

    • dra6o0n

      That’s normal. He makes that kind of face in the manga too, but way more detailed!


    Waiting for the old polar star members to come back and kick everyones ass

    • Mana_mina

      you mean saiba jochiro?


        Yea boi

  • Mana_mina

    himekawa (beelzebub) and eizen etsuya (shokugeki no soma) motto ” money can solve anything” but still got fucked up. can i request two episodes per week ?.

  • parakall

    Try it, It´ll blow away your fossilized brain. BITCH!

  • N0__one

    ive read the entire season 3 through the manga but damn its nice seeing it in action

  • Zen

    The things which come to my mind after watching this are
    those things aside, erina exceeds my limit to measure her stupidity of course they are all good cooks because they push their brains to limit and work together to discover greater milestones that’s why a group created by bonds of friendship exceeds the limitations of success an individual can achieve

  • TruthandJustice

    God I love Shokugeki no Soma!!!!

  • K Shane Samdao

    thank god they end the episode win a winner haha, i’ve probably punched my monitor if they didnt, hahaha

  • Calamity777

    that last scene after the credits was more badass in the manga. The anime executed that part so casually unfortunately…

    • Green TEA

      Agreed. But I will still consider it as good!!

      • Calamity777

        I guess…Not everything is perfect right?

  • LitleKen_Jeager

    uhsss thts Soma-kun for you Eizan-senpai for messing with his friends n ayouu thts Polar Star Dormitory for whos trying to take them down!!best episode yet well for me hahahha XD

  • Simh:

    Holy shit what an awesome episode!!!!

  • jjow

    omg hes one of the elie 10 now since he defeated one of them !!!!!!!!!

    • Xa Storme

      no, thats not how it works. remember him and the blue haired girl eat another elite 10 member also but didnt get to join them. you can just beat them, you have to challenge them for their spot and then win.. which this shokugeki wasnt about

      • Mcool138

        They never beat an elite 10 moron lmfao. Closest Soma’s done was cook against the 7th seat in the 1st season

        • Xa Storme

          Yes, they did dumbass. You need to go back and watch season 1. Learn a lil something.

  • Qamar Stationwala

    @21:17 a c*** burst out of his pants! 😮
    censored for the children (who probably already know what im talking about anyways XD)

  • Reynard.S

    my boy copped the W while trigering the competition. good episode

  • Seems Legit

    Those faces were too good lmfao

  • Jerry Cheung

    I LOVEEE FOOD WARS! Damn Eizan got fcked hardddd fam. I don’t wanna wait

  • Jonel Subaldo Reyes

    Just like what i am expecting… Hahaha. Lol

  • Charles Christian Chan

    Omg. How Eizans status will go after this. HAHAHAHA. God it’s so exciting.<3

  • King Boto

    Thank god this is anime. A good one at that. There’s corruption in all types of business practice and judging. But being flat out obvious the way they judge is the dumbest thing in the world. Even the worst judges wouldn’t be stupid to show their true face right from the beginning. As in this anime the real world would be a lawsuit or having a school known for having a bad rep at the least lowering its legitimacy.

    • dra6o0n

      Actually what helped was Soma constantly getting under their skin, they wouldn’t have tried it had he not turn to tricks and provocations.

      Also those kinds of ‘corruption’ is plenty weak compared to real world corruption where even if you pull off such a thing, reality shows that things work against you in deeper ways.

      • King Boto

        Ummmm. Were saying the same shit in different context. And you added something as if it was opposite with my statement which had nothing to do with it yet I do agree. This would have been easy as hell to diffuse the situation in many different ways. Soma took the hard route even if it was effective. There’s easier ways. But then again. I’m speaking realistically.

  • danielle

    1 more hour for episode 9!!!

  • Silverlotus

    Eizan: *making weird faces.*

    Me: Do you need to go to the restroom?

  • maki midnight

    i feel sooooo hungry now!!!

  • KenLazyBone

    Faggot got wrecked